Effective leaders communicate and engage with their stakeholders.

We believe in proactivity. We focus our energies and talents on creating the right conditions to advance your goals and agenda. We examine what’s working. What’s missing. What can be done through strategic communications and engagement to strengthen your relationships and reputation, grow your resources, and demonstrate your results—i.e., what stakeholders expect you to deliver.

We also know that institutions sometimes are surprised by developments and are forced into reactive postures. All of us have been there.

We can help in both situations. Here’s what we offer.

Stakeholder Communications and Engagement

Our signature item. We start with a research-based environmental scan and use the results to develop a comprehensive plan of specific strategies and tactics to address your institutional priorities. We structure all recommendations to make sure they advance your ‘Four Rs.’ Once completed, we provide you with a detailed report, including a blueprint for implementing the plan and metrics to gauge progress and outcomes.

We also offer elements of the comprehensive plan a la carte. We can provide initial audit/assessment, planning, development, execution, and performance measurement regarding each of these important functions:

  • Integrated marketing and communications
  • Legislative advocacy programs and ‘toolboxes’
  • Advancement communications (alumni, development, foundation)
  • Capital campaign communications
  • Research, scholarship, and innovations communications
  • Digital communications development and strategies (web sites, social media, blogs, email)
  • Media and public relations
  • Athletics communications
  • Graphic design and data visualization
  • Crisis communications/risk management
  • Influencer nexus assessments
  • Recruitment communications (students, faculty, staff)
  • Stakeholder research (qualitative and quantitative)