Our Approach: It’s all about the alignment of interests—yours and your stakeholders’.

In simple terms, we assess the alignment of your existing stakeholder communications and engagement efforts with your institution’s priorities.

We do that by finding the best ways to engage your stakeholders directly and through third-party validation—a powerful way to build credibility and gain advocates.

First, we map your internal and external stakeholders’ interactions with your own institution. We also map your stakeholders’ interaction with other organizations and institutions to find common interests and influences. We then determine the most credible direct and third-party conduits to reach each stakeholder group.

Understanding these relationships, we develop messages, actions, and activities to reach and resonate with your target audiences. Each stakeholder group is approached through strategies and tactics that help it recognize how your goals and agenda serve its needs and interests.

The plan we provide is integrated. It recommends cross-institutional roles and functions specifically geared to enhancing your ‘Four Rs’ in the hearts and minds of stakeholders. The plan becomes the blueprint for advancing your institution’s priorities, removing extraneous elements and distractions that so often divert attention and inhibit progress.

And the outcomes? Greater stakeholder buy-in and involvement in the activities and actions you need to strengthen relationships, buttress reputations, attract resources and talent, and deliver results. Those conditions create both a formula for success and new opportunities for your future.